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Safety Guaranteed

Cassa Bolden safes have been trusted as Original equipment manufacturers (OEM) by world-renowned safe brands to meet the needs of overseas markets. Cassa Bolden safes have been exported to Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Nigeria and Lebanon.

Our expertise and experience in producing quality safes guarantees you the best security.

Advanced Technology

Cassa Bolden safes feature fire & burglary resistant safes, the finest materials, and sophisticated locking systems for maximum protection of your valuables.

Complete Solution

Cassa Bolden safes provide various types of safes to meet your needs, from personal safes, safes for businesses, restaurant safes, to safes for financial institutions.

Lifetime Warranty

Cassa Bolden safes offer a lifetime warranty, which includes the replacement of a new safe if the purchased safe suffers a fire or attempted demolition.

Our Clients

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