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Surabaya Large Safe

Prioritize the Security of Your Documents, Money, and Valuables in the Office

with Cassa Bolden Safe

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Fireproof Safe

Secure storage solutions with Cassa Bolden safes for financial institutions, offices, restaurants and retail stores include safes and safety cabinets specifically designed to mitigate the risk of theft, explosion or fire. Features extra protection with Fire-Seal technology.

Our Clients

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My safe was burned but the inside was still intact. Thank you
Diana Aswarie
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very professional delivery and installation. the safe looks strong. hopefully durable
Dimas D
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Delivery to Surabaya & All over Indonesia

Cassa Bolden safes deliver to Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan, and all over Indonesia. We also service any brand of safes. Please contact us for product details and inquiries about custom safes.

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About Cassa Bolden Safe

The founder of Cassa has been in the safe business since 1977. Cassa safes are widely used in various banks, financial institutions, gold shops, offices, gas stations, supermarkets, department stores, restaurants, and housing throughout Indonesia.

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