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Cassa Bolden Safes are the perfect choice to protect your valuables at home. This safe is made of high quality materials with extra protection, namely “Fire-Seal” so that it is fireproof & with an advanced security system, so that it can prevent theft or damage.

Cassa Bolden safes as part of its secure storage solutions for retail, offer theft, explosion or fire resistant safes and security cabinets. These products are specially designed to store valuables, cash and confidential documents with features that perfectly suit the needs of a retail work routine.

Cassa Bolden, a secure storage solution suitable for jewelry stores, provides specially designed safes and safety cabinets to keep valuable jewelry collections safe from the risk of theft, explosion or fire hazards.

Cassa Bolden’s secure storage solutions for financial institutions include safes and safety cabinets specifically designed to mitigate the risk of theft, explosion or fire. This product is not only suitable for storing valuables, cash and confidential documents,in accordance with the unique operational demands of a financial institution environment.

In the context of secure storage for office use, Cassa Bolden comes with safes and safety cabinets specifically designed to provide maximum protection against the risk of theft, explosion and fire. This product not only meets high security standards, but is also customized with features required in the daily operations of offices.

Specifically designed to meet the needs of high security levels, as required by Banks, Mines, Financial Institutions, Jewelry Stores, and Money Changers for the storage of large amounts of money and valuables.


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