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Vault Doors & Custom Safes

Vault Doors

Specifically designed to meet the needs of high security levels, as required by Banks, Mines, Financial Institutions, Jewelry Stores, and Money Changers for the storage of large amounts of money and valuables.

Custom Safes

Cassa Bolden safes provide a customized service for making safes according to customer needs. Do you need a safe with specific weight and size specifications? We are ready to accept custom safe orders that suit your needs. With Cassa Bolden safes, you can have a safe designed according to your preferences, ensuring the safety of your valuables with the highest quality. For more information about our custom safes, please contact us.

Safe Deposit Box

Cassa Bolden Safe Deposit Boxes are specifically designed to meet the secure storage needs of Banks, Hotels and Sport Clubs. With a commitment to providing a high level of security. This safe is an ideal solution for customers who want to store their personal belongings safely and conveniently.


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