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Cassa Bolden Safes are the right choice to protect your valuable possessions at home. This safe is made of high quality materials with extra protection, namely “Fire-Seal” so that it is fireproof & with an advanced security system, so that it can prevent theft or damage.

Protect your valuables from robbery and fire, including jewelry, car keys, passports, identity cards and important documents at home
$ 7.820.000
The perfect secure storage solution for retail stores. Fire & demolition resistant safe, specially designed to suit retail work routines.
$ 13.540.000
Bolden Cassa's Protector Safe brand is specifically designed to provide protection against the threat of burglary & fire. With a 2-hour fire resistance test, the contents of the safe will be kept below the burning point of paper (177°C) for 2 hours with an outside temperature of 950°C.
$ 21.000.000
The design of Cassa Bolden's Conqueror Safe brand vaults is customized with greater storage capacity and higher resistance to the threat of theft and dismantling using oxy-acetylene welding equipment, drills, cutting tools, explosions and other mechanical equipment.
$ 43.300.000
Cassa Bolden's Document Safe brand, designed for the safe storage of office documents and archives from fire hazards. Made in 3 types, namely: Type 2 drawers, Type 3 drawers and Type 4 drawers.
$ 18.800.000


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