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Cassa Bolden’s secure storage solutions for financial institutions include safes and safety cabinets specifically designed to mitigate the risk of theft, explosion or fire. Not only are these products suitable for storing valuables, cash and confidential documents, they meet the unique operational demands of a financial institution environment.

Bolden Cassa's Protector Safe brand is specifically designed to provide protection against the threat of burglary & fire. With a 2-hour fire resistance test, the contents of the safe will be kept below the burning point of paper (177°C) for 2 hours with an outside temperature of 950°C.
$ 21.000.000
The design of Cassa Bolden's Conqueror Safe brand vaults is customized with greater storage capacity and higher resistance to the threat of theft and dismantling using oxy-acetylene welding equipment, drills, cutting tools, explosions and other mechanical equipment.
$ 43.300.000
Cassa Bolden's Champion Safe brand is designed to meet the needs of high-security safes. The protective layer on the safe door and safe body consists of 2 layers, namely Hard Casting Alloy and CS 500, which have high durability.
$ 74.000.000
Cassa Bolden's Document Safe brand, designed for the safe storage of office documents and archives from fire hazards. Made in 3 types, namely: Type 2 drawers, Type 3 drawers and Type 4 drawers.
$ 18.800.000
Provides the best protection for your BPKB and your clients from fire hazards. Easy and fast use in finding BPKB, and serves as protection in an emergency. Document Safe BPKB is made in three types, namely: Type 7 2-Lane Drawer (2730 BPKB), Type 10 2-Lane Drawer (3900 BPKB) and Type 10 3-Lane Drawer (5850 BPKB).
$ 33.950.000


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