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Safes Apartment

Cassa Bolden Safes are the right choice to protect your valuable possessions in your Apartment. This safe is made of high quality materials with extra protection, namely “Fire-Seal” so that it is fireproof & with an advanced security system, so that it can prevent theft or damage.

Protect your valuables from robbery and fire, including jewelry, car keys, passports, identity cards and important documents at home
$ 7.820.000
The perfect secure storage solution for retail stores. Fire & demolition resistant safe, specially designed to suit retail work routines.
$ 13.540.000
The Cash Trap Cashier Safe is an economical solution that allows you to deposit money without having to open the safe door. The money or items to be deposited are placed into a hole equipped with an anti-theft device to prevent people from reaching the contents of the safe through the drawer.
$ 15.190.000


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